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Self Leadership

It is a fact that you cannot give what you do not possess. When we have identified the change we seek to make, we take inventory of what we have in our tool kit. And good news; everyone has something!

If you lead yourself well,
you can lead your teams well.

Maximizing your talent

If you aren’t sure where you make the most impact, reach out to those who know you best.

That’s what I had to do. I asked my friends and family where they thought I added the most value to others. …


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Our Decision

In our work and life, there are many reasons for us to feel like the world is against us which makes it difficult to be the blessing others need.

We may not receive the respect and compensation we deserve for the value we deliver. Others may appear to be the ones moving up and some trusted colleagues may even choose to compete with us rather than collaborate.

We don’t get to decide what others choose to do. But that is not the end of our story.

We are not powerless

As people who are committed to becoming the leader others want to follow, we…


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Who am I?

Hi! I’m Eric. I am passionate about growing the next generation of leaders and creating safe places for their teams to perform great work.

I work as a program manager in technology leading agile teams. I also teach servant leadership principles through leading by example, speaking, writing, and workshops.

We need original thinkers, provocateurs, and people who care. ~ Seth Godin

What motivates me?

For many years, I thought the only people qualified to lead were those with titles. I was wrong.

Back then, I expected those in charge understood leading others is a privilege and responsibility.

As the years rolled by, I…


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Keeping our focus on the most important is challenging. If you are like me, every day brings something new attempting to grab my attention. Most days, I feel too busy. Our jobs come with unceasing interruptions tempting us to defer accomplishing what we need to do on a given day.

Garland Vance explains what happens to those of us who give into busyness.

Every time you encounter stress, your body needs time to recover, but busy people don’t take time to recuperate. They run from one commitment to the next.
Gettin’ (un busy) Dr. Garland Vance

Difficulties in maintaining focus

Speed of change, social…

Team Building

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Over the course of 20 years of leading teams, I’ve come to understand how we engage people matters. I missed countless opportunities to connect with others for many years because I spent more time thinking about how they could help me complete projects.

There is a better way and it is a simple principle I practice regularly today in my work and life that can make us more effective leaders. Here’s the secret.

The secret to effectively entering the world of others is engaging them on their terms, not ours. …


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We desperately need more focus on unity today, not less. Fractured groups with their own agendas competing for employee attention are not serving the organization efficiently. We need to find new and creative ways to bring different perspectives together and we can. We must.

Self-segregation based on only one dimension of an individual doesn’t seem to be working well enough and leaves employees standing on the sidelines. Perhaps it is time we look to build communities differently.

The legacy way

The well-documented benefits of community building include increased engagement, connection, professional development, and more.

The legacy way of doing things talks about the…


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Early one Spring morning, not long ago and not far from here, God carefully planted a seed in the soil. Only He knew how special it was, and what it would become. What God planted that day would become a tree. Now this tree would be special because God blessed it with special powers that would allow it to withstand great storms. Its destiny would demonstrate God’s love towards those who lived nearby.

Where the seedling was planted was located in the middle of the land. It was a blessed place filled with nice things, lots of animals, streams, and…


Unleash the power of collaboration to build the organization of the future.

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Weaving diverse employee voices into a caring, vibrant, and productive community is highly sought after by organizational leaders today.

Building a successful community is attainable. Just as there is no community of one, you will need help, support, and a bigger vision. Becoming a community advocate is foundational to becoming a leader worth following.

Letting go of the desire to take credit, your people and cause become the focus, allowing the change you seek to make flow in. First in the hearts of the people being served, then…


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Change is relentless. Some changes we joyfully invite into our lives such as a new job role, marriage, or adopting a child. We look forward to going deeper and embracing them because they help arrive at the desired destination. In such cases, we prepared and welcomed a personal transformation.

What does the exemplary leader do when unexpected adversity arrives?

How we, as leaders, face adversity brings with it new opportunities to increase our influence. When unexpected change comes, our motivation is placed under duress — our brains will challenge us to fight, flee, or freeze. What is your default?

Challenge is the crucible for greatness.~ Kouzes and Posner

Our mindset

Personal Growth

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Lasting impact requires personal transformation. When you sense something is not right and commit to making things better you are ripe for a metamorphosis that will bring the change people long for.

6 states leading up to your personal transformation

Just as a caterpillar prepares itself for transformation into its new form, you will too. Becoming the leader others are waiting to follow requires transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.


Today, you are already a superior performer, but the results you want now seem unachievable. You might be asking yourself, how am I going to get to the next level? What am I missing? All you know at this…

Eric Peterson

Program Manager, Creator, Coach & Servant Leader. I write about Leadership, Team Building, and Community. ShepherdingHeart.com

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